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City of London - Westminster


Christ Church Spitalfields by Hawksmoor -- everything may not be what it seems... (29 K)
An apse view of St. Paul's Cathedral. (33 K)
National Gallery from Trafalgar Square. (23 K)
Church of St. Martin-in-the-Fields from Trafalgar Square. (26 K)
Admiralty Arch. (34 K)
The Houses of Parliament from across River Thames -- from in front of the hospital where I was born... (24 K)
Houses of Parliament clock tower housing the "Big Ben" bell. (33 K)
View from Trafalgar Square to the "Big Ben" "surrounded" by construction cranes. (18 K)
Westminster Hall of the Houses of Parliament. (47 K)
110-meter Victoria Tower of the Houses of Parliament. (40 K)
Hawksmoor's twin towers of Westminster Abbey. (39 K)
View of Westminster Abbey from the monastery cloisters. (33 K)
Byzantine, Roman-Catholic Westminster Cathedral. (36 K)


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