* J O E N S U U   H O U S I N G   F A I R   1 9 9 5

Photos from the trip to the Joensuu housing fair in 1995.


General view of the fair area. (26 K)
A detached family house. (32 K)
A detail from a "Siporex" house. (22 K)
Twin skylights from a house. (16 K)
Two of the apartment buildings by the canal. (26 K)
An apartment building. (22 K)
Glass wall from an apartment building. (22 K)
Another view of the building above. (26 K)
Father, son and spirit. Not quite, one of the classmates from the polytechnic, the child of another, and a glass of "Briegu" red wine at the top of the old Ilomantsi water tower... (18 K)
Working on binoculars. (29 K)
A torrential rain from within the water tower. (10 K)


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